Yes, I Shoot Weddings

I impromptu shot a wedding at The Reserve in Hot Spring, a beautiful and majestic place. The next day, I edited 300 photographs and sent them electronically to the client. Here are just a few photographs of the complete set I have permission to share publicly.


Thank You!

Over 100,000 people see the pictures I take on a regular basis and appear to enjoy how I capture the beauty of Hilton Head Island, SC. I returned after a three weeks travel stint, and this is just one of the glowing reviews I received on Facebook. I am happy to be of service to those who do not live on the island and give a sneak preview of what awaits them when they come here. Enjoy!



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Introducing Photo Walks

On the beach every day, when not traveling, allows me to capture the beauty of Hilton Head Island throughout every season. Never a dull moment on the beach. Every day is different, what you see depends on how you see. On a photo walk,  I will make you see nature differently, the way I see it, and the way I make about 100,000 people every day see our island differently.

Contact me to schedule a photo walk and experience what I do. Bring your camera along. I use an iPhone 13 Pro during the walk.

Featured In The Travel

We were featured in the online publication The Travel yesterday, with our post of a mama turtle making it back to the ocean. Please keep your distance when you see them.

Introducing Collages

Upon request, we are introducing collages for sale, helping you design a theme for a room or wall. We can also design custom themes for you and make larger collages for private homes, airbnb's, vrbo's, offices, and restaurants. We will work with you to find the theme that matches your vision, by tapping into about 50,000 images from all over the world, including Hilton Head Island.

One Hundred Framed

As of today, we have one hundred framed images of Hilton Head Island for sale. Head over to our store to purchase them online and get them sent directly to your home. Or contact us to fill your house with custom imagery. We have over 50,000 never-sold images to choose from. Perfect for the development of a custom home or office theme.

Our Store Is Now Live!

By popular demand, we just activated our online store. The photographs in the store will be framed to the specifications listed and sent directly to your doorstep, within a week or so. With over 50,000 photographs in our archive, we also do custom projects. Contact us to fill your home with the nature of Hilton Head Island.

We look forward to bringing Hilton Head Island into your home.

Framing now available

We are now framing photographs through a third party, allowing us to quickly deliver these to your doorstep. Visit our store for a diverse range of options and colors.


Stay tuned on Instagram

We've added Instagram to bring you the latest imagery.

Unfortunately, Instagram crops images and finagles a proprietary resolution, diminishing the actual quality of images. Not unlike the way Facebook recompresses and displays images. The best quality is still here on the website, but even those images are compressed to enhance download speeds. The images framed are of the highest available resolution.

Many of my images can also be found on the Hilton Head Island Facebook group, now some 35K members strong.


I started this website to meet the interest in my photography. Feel free to use the digitally compressed versions as your backdrop on your home computer or mobile phone. Inquire for commercial licensing. We will soon take orders for framing the images using a third-party vendor.